What to do When You Have a Problem With Your ATC Toy Hauler

atc toy hauler customer supportA question that often comes up is if one should call ATC’s customer support office directly or if one should call their ATC dealer.

The short answer to this is that ATC wants you to contact your dealer first, or nearest ATC dealer, for any issues, whether they are warranty items or not.

ATC is known for offering outstanding customer support, and is often a key reason why people choose to buy their toy haulers and trailers. Because they are so responsive, owners tend to go directly to them instead of their dealer. While ATC is definitely happy to take your calls directly, they prefer to have you start with your dealer.

Many owners opt to e-mail ATC customer service rather than call because they can attach photos or videos of the problem, and because it’s a way to go directly to ATC without overwhelming their phone system. ATC has always been very responsive to e-mails. When ATC receives an issue from you, they will want your trailer’s vehicle identification number (VIN). You can locate your VIN from a sticker at the bottom of the trailer door, on the inside.

Do You Have to Take Your Trailer to an ATC Dealer?

No, ATC will authorize warranty work performed by any RV repair service.

However, most ATC dealers have technicians that are trained by ATC. Dealers actually send their technicians to ATC’s factory to have them trained specifically on how to work on their trailers. Hence, it’s to you benefit that you take your trailer to an ATC dealer. Some dealers are still new to ATC and may not have had the opportunity yet to send their technicians to ATC, so definitely ask the dealer if their technicians are ATC trained.

What to do when it’s after hours

ATC does not have a 24 hour, 7 days a week, customer service center.

Your dealer may possibly be open longer hours than ATC, and may be open on Saturdays or Sundays.

You can always contact a 24-hour mobile RV repair service. ATC has been very willing to pay for warranty repairs performed by mobile RV services and other shops outside of their dealer network. You will need to contact ATC’s customer service as soon as they are open, and file a claim. You may have to pay the mobile RV repair service yourself, and then send a copy of the bill to ATC.

What if you need to call a tow truck?

Then definitely call a tow truck. Don’t wait for ATC or your dealer.

ATC might cover tow truck costs if the trailer is still under warranty and somehow falls apart to such a degree that your pickup truck can no longer tow it. But, we here at ATC Owners can’t make that determination. Definitely call a tow truck, and notify ATC as soon as you can.

Post Your Question on ATC Toy Hauler Owners Facebook Group

There’s is a Facebook group for ATC owners [click here to visit], and more often than not you will get an answer within the hour. A number of ATC dealers are active on the group and will chime in. Even employees of ATC corporate lurk there, and may answer you.