About ATC Owners

atc toy hauler rallyATC Owners was established in 2018 when the first ATC Toy Hauler Owners Rally (Alumi-Rally) was organized. In 2019, upon the success of the second rally, ATC Owners was recognized by Aluminum Trailer Company, Inc. as the official owners group for its toy hauler division. ATC Owners is also the official owners group for ATC Quest trailers too.


ATC Owners creates a community of friends out of ATC Toy Hauler and Quest trailer owners through rallies, meetups, and events held across the country. It creates brand loyalty by bringing owners, dealers, and corporate staff together for fun-filled weekends of games, picnics, contests, and demonstrations. ATC Owners helps prospective buyers by answering questions, providing online articles, and directing them to experts.

ATC Owners is not affiliated with or owned by Aluminum Trailer Company, Inc. It is operated by a group of ATC trailer owners, yet maintains a close relationship with the manufacturer and its dealership network as part of its efforts to organize rallies.

ATC Owners is headquartered in Menifee, CA.