Toppers and Trailers Plus: Meet This Year’s Sponsor


The Annual ATC Alumi-Rally is a great way for toy hauler owners to get together, bounce around customization ideas, and get to speak directly with ATC staff. This year, a dealer of ATC products, Toppers and Trailers Plus, has taken a special interest in the rally as a way to learn more about toy hauler owners and how they can better serve their customers.

Toppers and Trailers Plus was started in 1986 by Leroy and Deb Lorentz in Mankato, MN. Now, Leroy and Deb are still active in the business, and their daughter Jessica and her husband Eric have taken on leadership roles in the business. Jessica’s daughter Kayla recently graduated from high school and she is now employed at TTP as well. The family, along with 11 other employees have made Toppers and Trailers Plus such a success that they added a second location in Le Sueur, MN!

Toppers and Trailers Plus has a full service shop and they sell a wide variety of products including: toppers (truck caps), all types of trailers, snow plows, and truck accessories. They have a special place in their heart for ATC toy haulers because they are such a unique, high quality product (and because most of the staff loves camping  ).

Toppers and Trailers Plus staff is constantly checking the ATC Aluminum Toy Hauler Owners’ group to learn more about what toy hauler enthusiasts are looking for in their trailer. TTP loves designing custom trailers, but they also try to order multiple toy haulers so the customers have something to walk through instead of just looking online. This gives customers the option to drive the trailer off the lot within the day instead of waiting to create a custom trailer. Before ordering a trailer, TTP looks to the group and heavily weighs the feature options to create the most functional, stylish, and popular trailer possible- they have even put polls on the group to pick the best trailer color! Isn’t it cool that your voice is heard and makes such an impact on the trailers they order?

Toppers and Trailers Plus is a proud supporter of this event, they could not be more excited! Sponsoring the Alumni Rally gives Toppers and Trailers Plus a great opportunity to meet the most passionate people in the industry, so that they can provide customers with knowledge and their dream trailer.

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