Our Last ATC Toy Hauler Rally was a BIG Hit!

The 2020 Winter Rally in southwest Arizona was a huge success for ATC Owners, Sun City RV, and ATC Toy Haulers.

It was held over the MLK holiday weekend, January 17-20, 2020, out in the "Middle of Nowhere, AZ" (that's actually what that place is affectionately named by locals). It's more closer to the tiny town of Sentinel.

17 trailers attended the event, with an estimated 50 people in all, after you count the kids too.

An Airstream trailer attended the event! It was a couple who wanted to buy an ATC 40 Foot Fifth Wheel, and wanted to stay for the event to browse the 36 Foot Fifth Wheel that was here on display. It just so happened that Sun City RV was here on hand to help them along.



Rally attendees got to watch a live presentation by Sun City RV on how to fully maintain their trailers. Afterwards, tech staff from Sun City RV visited everyone's trailers to go over tech issues. Sun City RV even gave away free t-shirts, and brought out donuts, bagels, and croissants for breakfast.

After the rally, Sun City RV told us that several trailer owners made appointments with them for service and upgrades.

The staff at ATC Toy Haulers was also there, including two of their engineering team. They too visited every trailer and talked to each owner. They even took the time to fix small issues on the spot, and afterwards remarked at how valuable the experience was in getting to interview owners, gather ideas, and learn the many ways people use their trailers.

And the weather was perfect!

We had sunny days throughout the weekend, with day time highs in the low 70s and upper 60s.

The Chili Cookoff was a close-call, but it was Ryan & Karen who took the trophy this time. Best Overall Trailer went to Dave & Marval (the red 24 footer).

Long Distance rally goers included Ryan & Karen from Idaho, Tim & Laura from Georgia, Lonnie & Mary Lee from Arkansas, John the BoonDoctor from Illinois, Grant & Kathy from Oklahoma, Tony & Vera from Nevada, and Dave & Marval from Michigan. There was also an attendee from Boulder, CO (Mike) who came without his trailer (it was winterized), but was visiting Phoenix and took the time to join us.

Continuing their unbroken string of rally attendance was Lonnie & Mary Lee, and John the BoonDoctor, both now having attended all three ATC Toy Hauler rallies. Dave & Marval have attended two.

John the BoonDoctor was a big hit at the rally too. Several ATC Toy Hauler owners relied on his help to tweak and improve their solar panel systems. He got them set up with upgraded Victron hardware. The BoonDoctor is currently offering a $1,500 solar panel deal just for ATC Toy Hauler owners, which includes 660 to 720 watts of residential-grade solar panels, Victron smart solar charger, all mounted and wired to your trailer. Visit his page for more... https://www.boondoctor.com/600-watt-solar-panels-for-atc-toy-hauler-owners/

The Rally could have not been as great as it was without the help of Shelli and Josh. Shelli cooked up the entire Member Dinner (for 50 people) inside of a single ATC Toy Hauler kitchen (the older, smaller kitchen from 2017). She used two Instant Pots, the cook top, and the microwave, and what little counter top we had remaining, to whip up shredded chicken, shredded pork, beans, rice, toppings, and tortillas. Josh did all the work setting up canopies and manning the campfire.

The campfire was a big hit too. It was arranged in a long rectangle with enough room so that everyone could have a seat by the fire. We enjoyed starry skies, smores, and talked trailers with both the Sun City RV and ATC Toy Hauler staff.

The next rally is around the corner!

It will be held Memorial Day, Monday and go through to Thursday, May 25-28 at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen IN. It will be sponsored by both Premier Custom Trailers of Schoolcraft, MI, and ATC Toy Haulers. It includes a factory tour of ATC! We are currently working on getting the registration set up!

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Sash & Steve
ATC Owners