King Connect Pre-Wired Wi-Fi - How to Use It

Today's "Ask Matt" question is about the King Connect Pre-Wired for Wi-Fi feature on ATC Toy Haulers. It's an option that is briefly mentioned in one of ATC's videos, but not thoroughly explained on what to do...

Question: My toy hauler has the "King Connect Pre-Wired for Wi-Fi" built in, but I don't know what to do with it. Is my trailer set up for Wi-Fi? Do I have to add any equipment?

Matt: The King Connect Pre-Wired for W-Fi is simply a coaxial cable that can be used with a Wi-Fi booster or a 4G Cellular Booster. All that ATC has done is ran this wire from the roof into the trailer, so that you don't have to do any of this yourself.

The Pre-Wired feature does not come with the Wi-Fi or 4G booster equipment. You still have to buy that separately.

The King Connect Pre-Wire for Wi-Fi Faceplate, with Coaxial Cable hanging out of the ceiling

You should see a faceplate with a "King Connect" sticker mounted inside your trailer, usually on the ceiling. If you remove the faceplate, you should see a coaxial cable with a rubber or taped off end. If it's not there, it probably got pulled back through the hole in the ceiling.

This inside-end coaxial cable is supposed to connect to a boosting device, either for Wi-Fi or 4G. You will want to find a place inside your trailer to mount the device, preferable close to a 110v outlet, or wire it into 12v somewhere.

The other end of this coaxial cable is on the roof, tucked away inside the HDTV antenna. According to King Connect, you will have to remove the HDTV antenna from the roof to get to this cable. This end of the cable is supposed connect to either a Wi-Fi antenna, or a 4G antenna, whichever your choice. You don't have to buy King's equipment, it can be used with other brands of antennas.

I'm not certain at this point if this end of the coaxial cable is supposed to pass through the HDTV antenna somewhere, or if you're supposed to drill a new hole  in the roof. ATC has not given guidance to any of the dealers on this.

King Connect HDTV antenna

If you don't plan on needing a Wi-Fi booster or 4G booster, then don't do anything with the pre-wire faceplate. Just leave it.

For people planning on buying an ATC Toy Hauler... If you think you will want a 4G cellular booster, add the 4G cellular booster equipment from ATC at the time you make your trailer purchase. Don't forget to also add the 1,000 watt inverter option to power the booster. This will save you the time and energy from having to install it yourself. Remember, that's for 4G cellular.

Wi-Fi is different. It's only going to help your computer or television connect to an RV park's Wi-Fi router. It's not going to make that Wi-Fi any faster. Most RV parks have pretty congested Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi boosters are only helpful when staying at an RV park. If you're camping in state or federal campgrounds, or boondocking, you will need a 4G cellular booster instead.


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