Fixing a Stripped-Out Nut & Bolt on a Wall-Mounted Furniture Bracket

This month's "Ask Matt" feature addresses the issue of what to do when the threads of a nut & bolt (holding an ATC wall-mounted furniture bracket) get stripped out. Matt outlines the process of drilling out the old bolt, and replacing it with a Threaded Rivet Nut Insert (Nutsert)...

Matt: This is not a hard task to accomplish. Take your time and you will be fine.

Items you will need:

  • Nutsert/rivnut install tool. Huck HK150 or the Astro kit from Amazon
  • Thin sheet or deep nutsert fitting
  • 25/64” drill bit
  • Drill

Step 1: Drill damaged hole out to 25/64”. Take some electrical tape and wrap around the drill bit to set the “depth” you want to drill to, so that you do not drill too deep and damage the exterior panel. 

Step 2: Once your hole is drilled out to 25/64”, thread your Nutsert fitting on to your install tool. Insert the fitting into hole. 

Step 3: Actuate the install tool until the fitting is crimped tight into the wall. You do not need to get crazy with the Huck HK150 tool or the Astro one. The Huck is hydraulic and the Astro is all leverage. 

Step 4: I suggest doing a few test installs before attempting to repair your damaged threads in your trailer. Once you have fully crimped the nutsert fitting, unthread your install tool, and repeat for the remaining damaged holes.

When I notice one fastener getting loose on me, I always replace all bolt holes with Nutserts. There are many sizes of Nutserts available. I have used them to re-secure the switch control panel, radio enclosure, installing additional footman loops (the little tie down rings used to secure the furniture storage strap to the furniture), door hinges, exterior door catch, and many other items.

The Amazon kit is far cheaper than the Huck HK150 but the HK150 is far more compact and easier to use. In my opinion it is the superior product.

Once you learn how easy it is to repair damaged threads with a Nutsert you’ll find many other uses for them. If you don’t crimp one tight enough and you “spin” it tightening down the bolt, you can take a grinder or cutoff wheel and grind the flange off of the Nutsert. Take a punch and small hammer and gently tap it out and then reinstall another Nutsert.

There are different nutserts for different applications. If your panel is thin such as sheet metal you will want to use the thin sheet version. For repairing holes in thicker material use the longer nutserts.


Tools You Will Need Huck HK150 Nutsert Tool
Use a 25/64" bit to drill out the stripped nut & bolt Fit a Nutsert to the Nutsert Tool
Push the Nutsert into the Hole Actuate the Nutsert Tool until crimped tight
Screw a bolt into the Nutsert and tighten Repeat this for other nuts & bolts