ATC Trailers Replaces the Game Changer with the New Plā Series Toy Haulers

Yesterday, ATC Trailers announced its new lineup of 2023 model year toy haulers dubbed "Plā".

The Plā series of toy haulers replaces the previous Game Changer series.

atc trailers pla 700 rv

Plā comes in two main varieties, the Plā 500 and the Plā 700.

The Plā 500 is effectively the "base" model lineup of bumper pulls and fifth wheels, while the Plā 700 is the upgraded line offering a wider choice of colors, improved insulation, electric stabilizer jacks, airline track, quick LP connect for gas grills, among others.

The Plā 700 also includes ATC Trailer's patented "configurable furniture track" system where as the Plā 500 comes with fixed, unmovable furnishings.

The evolution from the Game Changer lineup to the new Plā lineup appears to place more emphasis on class and style when shoppers step foot in the new 700 series lineup. Whereas the 500 series appears to offer a base model design to meet lower price points.

"When people step foot in an ATC Plā Series toy hauler, we want them to be wowed by the superior design and high-end features that our customers expect in a high-quality RV." says Jason Schlabach, RV Category Manager at ATC.

Another change that ATC has done was assign the classification of "travel trailer" to their bumper pull toy haulers. While still technically toy haulers, the company appears to be aligning itself with other manufacturers that have done the same thing.

Finally, gone are the "swoosh" graphics that graced the ATC toy hauler since its launch in 2015, and is now replaced by a large curved line that runs from end to end.

And now with stiff competition coming from Oregon-based Outdoors RV, which has grabbed a lot of market share from boondockers in recent years, ATC Trailers appears to be responding by leveraging its all-aluminum structure with high-end appointments, as well as solar packages as high as 800 watts of panels and a 3,000 watt inverter.

Orders for the new Plā 500 and Plā 700 series of toy haulers are being taken right now at all ATC toy hauler dealers.