ATC Toy Hauler 2021 Game Changer Details


Based upon repeated requests from potential buyers, we did some research and have uncovered some of the new features of the ATC Toy Hauler 2021 Game Changer Series. There are two versions; Game Changer and Game Changer Pro Series. 

All the sizes and layouts are the same. There is one additional size this year, the 45' Fifth Wheel with a 15' garage. There is a partition for the garage. 

New Ramp Door is not aluminum but made of composite. 28 lbs lighter, with the same weight rating. Insulated with R5.6.

Solar Prep on all models. Two packages available. Basic package has 420 watts of solar panels with 2000 watt inverter. The Off Grid package has 840 watts of solar panels with a 2,800 watt inverter and 200 AH lithium batteries.

Game Changer

  • Interior options
    • Taupe walls, charcoal cabinets, and black countertops
    • Platinum walls, silver cabinets, and white countertops
  • All exteriors are Silver Frost
  • Bed, Bath, and Hall flooring is woven vinyl and not removable
  • Same Westlake tires and same wheels
  • New deck package with railing (see video)
  • Fold-down tables and dinette are adjustable on the same airline track 
  • Same windows as previous models
  • Silver trim is standard and the same as previous models
  • Same layouts as previous models
  • No airline track/D-rings only
  • Power vents with no rainguard
  • Insulation R3.5

Game Changer Pro Series

  • Goodyear tires
  • Bonded frameless dual paned windows
  • Black trim is standard and cannot be changed
  • Slideout in bedroom (see video) 
  • Airline track
  • Adjustable shelving in the cabinets
  • Power vents with rainguard 
  • Inuslation R7

This information has been collected from prospective buyers and we're not entirely sure of the accuracy but we feel fairly confident this information is reliable. This information has not been confirmed by ATC Toy Haulers. Please contact a dealer for more information and pricing. 

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