Ask Matt: Is it Safe to Run E10 or E15 in my Onan Genenator?

atc toy hauler with 5500 watt onan generatorThis month's "Ask Matt" question comes from Brian in California...

Brian: "I hear that you should not run E10 or E15 gas in the 5,500 watt Onan generator. But in California, you can't find ethanol-free anywhere. Is it really that important to use ethanol-free?"


Matt: I think it’s fine to run an ethanol blend gas in the Onan gen, as long as you use a reputable additive. You won’t want to leave the ethanol sitting around a long time (not that I would with regular gas either).

When your trailer is not in use, I recommend running the generator once a week or so, just to ensure it will start up quickly when you are out on a trip.

If you frequently use ethanol it might not be a bad idea to carry a couple of spare parts with you such as a fuel pump, some fuel line, and possibly a carb boring/gasket kit. Just my two cents of sense.

 - Matt


Editor's note: Matt Van Dyke also operates a diesel repair service along side his ATC Toy Hauler dealership, and knows a lot about engines.

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